America: Book Reviews

2/15/16       Less is MoreAll Days Are Night by Peter Stamm

7/3/15         Pastor From Another PlanetThe Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber

6/8/15         Time in a BottleMy Struggle Book 4 by Karl Ove Knausgaard

3/16/15       Leaving QueensWe Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas

9/22/15       War StoriesIn the Wolf’s Mouth by Adam Foulds

11/25/13     The Holy Fool Someone by Alice McDermott

11/18/13     Man of LettersSuitable Accommodations by J.F. Powers


The Millions: Essays, book reviews, and interviews

1/29/13       Composing a Life: On Richard Powers’ Orfeo

9/12/12       Experiencing the Superabundance of Bach

9/25/12       The Shoddy After Life of a Reality Hunger Appropriation


The New York Times: Articles and interviews

5/22/05       He Helped Put the Blue Into Blue Note – Profile of famed jazz recording engineer, Rudy Van Gelder

11/6/03       It’s Got Good Beat but Where’s the Cover? – Explores album art in the age of MP3 with John Mayer, David Byrne, and other experts.

9/4/03         For Student Essayists, An Automated Grader –  Investigates software that automates essay grading on standardized tests.

1/16/96       For an AT&T Brat, The Anguish of Letting Go –  Personal essay on taking a volunteer severance package in the age of corporate downsizing.

Regular Contributor to Sound Bytes Interviews 1994-1995 Including Omar Wasow, NY Online; Olaf Olafson, Sony; Bran Ferren, Disney Imagineering.


Other Publications (Offline)

Book reviews and interviews, Mars Hill Review, including Interview with Paul Elie, Author of The Life You Save May be Your Own

1993-1997     Technology columnist, Asbury Park Press, Home News, and The Record

1995-1997     Freelance articles, Star Ledger  – Wrote a variety of technology articles to explain Internet technology to lay audiences.